If you want to attend those initiatic sessions or order the "Transcendental approaches", write to the initiator whose references are as follows :


Initiator of the spiritual Maieutique

13, rue du Vieux Moulin


If you live far away from this address, complementary information will be sent to you any time you ask for it.

* You can also join us and make your requests by E-Mail

And now, let us finish with quotations from the scriptures :

"The seed is the word of God, those who stand on the side of the way are those who have heard but the devil has come and can believe and save themselves. (St-Luke -8-11,12)"

"Those who stand on the rock are those who accept the word with joy when they hear it. But they have no strong root, they believe just for a while but when the time of trials comes, they fall away. (St-Luke -8-13)"

"And there are others who receive the seed in the thorns, those have heard about the word but the worries of the world, the seduction of riches and other desires overwhelm them and suffocate the word which cannot produce any fruit. (St-Mark -4-9,19)"

"And there are those who received the seed in good earth. They listen to the word. They accept it and they give fruit ; thirty, sixty or one hundred per cent. (St-Mark -4-20)"

May each of you distribute this Manifest around and in this way, may light spread !