Some of these perspective require of work on oneself to become living realities.

There is little chance that a person will reach the end of the way by himself. Help from someone who is already on the way is necessary.

This help is offered at initiatic sessions and occasional seminars. It is advisable to have a limited number of persons at each session, in order to do indepth work each one.

Each group meets once a month. More frequent meetings are not needed because people must have time to think about, and experience what has been discussed. Time between sessions is very important for the inner maturation and confrontation with personal experience.

This way of teaching which gives help, but leaves people facing themselves, does not allow sectarian enrollment. These initiatic sessions allow the transmission of an oral teaching which is fundamental because it is in the direct contact between the initiator and the initiated that awakening can be grasped.

Through dialogue, the problems and difficulties encountered are analyzed and the teaching adapted to each particular case. In these initiatic sessions some collective meditations are carried out. In silence, the spirits are gradually interfused. That is why silence is the highest form of teaching. In silence, there is transmission of spiritual energy and influence that, when received, direct us towards realization.

No real spiritual teaching can be sold. Thus, attendance at the initiatic sessions or seminars is complety free. All arguments trying to justify the unacceptable commercialization of spirituality are false. They are used by those who have not understood that gratuitousness derives naturally from love. How can a person, who does not know anything about detachment and who wants to ignore the practical consequences of giving, transmit anything positive about spirituality ?

Because this teaching is free, each initiator has a professional activity. As a result of being integrated in active life, he or she can help in a realistic way those who are in the same context. Since initiators have only a limited time available, each of them can take on only a small number of aspirants. It is therefore, not a question of taking on as many people as possible for the sake of it. In fact, no real esoteric teaching is ever directed at the masses. Only those who have arrived at a state of inner predisposition are interested in it and persist in its realization.

The purpose of an initiator is to select a small number of people and work intensely with them. Every person who has carefully studied this manifest and who considers that the "Maieutique" is what they were secretly waiting for, can contact an initiator and ask for admission to an initiatic session. Everyone can obtain without engagement the teaching texts called "Transcendental approaches" in which the perspectives briefly described in this brochure are expanded upon and detailed.

When initiation is fully achieved and awakening permanently established in their life, those who want can receive special training to become initiators themselves.