"The priest who speaks, is worth more than the priest who doesn't speak. The friend who gives, is better than the friend who doesn't give". (Reg-Veda-10-117-)

In this website, we will try to give a general view of the method of spiritual realization, called : "Maieutique" .

It would be vain to look for anything new or original in it. The "Maieutique" is a formulation adapted to the conditions of modern life, of eternal truths which constitute the esoteric substratum of all religions.

In this overview, dealing only with the essential, we will evoke how we can discover in ourselves those eternal truths. This is the goal of "Maieutique". Fin yourself and in yourself, the knowledge and don't take it from the outside.

We help others achieve their own spiritual birth through dialogues of which the written text is nothing but a weak echo. Such condensation of this text requires, for those who want to understand it on a deep level, a very careful reading, rereading it several times, and an effort to realize it in themselves.

We call "Perspective" each facet of the way to spiritual realization. To understand a perspective is nothing. What is important is to experience its content.

Altogoether, these perspectives constitute a complete discipline leading to realization. The value of this discipline is verified by experience.

Maieutic : In greek terminology, means a dialogue between a pupil and a teacher, the aim of wich to develop in the pupil a hnowledge which he has already. Opposed to didactics which implies the passive participation of the pupil as the one who does not know anything and who owes all his knowledge to the teacher.